Radio RoadTrip #Outward • with Marc Lachièze Rey, astrophysician


Radio RoadTrip #Outward
Marc Lachièze Rey

Interview Clément Baudet
Audio-edit Floriane Pochon

Time, what is time?

The space of a moment

Within a minute, let’s say there is no such a thing as a Capital Time, with Marc Lachièze-Rey, astrophysicist at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research). Frequency modulations roaming on Cevennes’ small roads, during the Radio Bivouac 2015 with Phaune Radio an Radio Escapades : a one-way ticket to space-time, and a point of no return that you can hear-in or take-out.

WITH REAL PIECES OF : Hello, It’s time for Music – Fortyone, Aitken Basin – Damscray, Alice au pays des merveilles, The Syncopated Clock – Frederick Fennell & Leroy Anderson, A Mechanical Playtime – Da Fake Panda, Pierre Schaeffer, Time to time – Takeshi Nakamura, Echos Flottants – Radiomentale, 13 O’ Clock in the Morning – The Waiters, If You’ve Got The Money I’ve Got The Time – Hank Snow, Hubert Reeves, Time is Poney – Elise Dejy, Time of my life – Two Unknown Girls, V for Vendetta – James McTeigue, The Existence Of Time – Monolake, Time Is Advancing with Fitful Irregularity – Colin Stetson, Pareil a un voyageur perdu – Francis Dhomont, Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams, テープ Tape – 畔柳佳奈 Kana Kuroyanagi, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole – Zack Snyder, Time Tunnel – Philippe Fernandez, Time Travel Is Possible – Schemawound, Time Confusion – Paul Buckmaster, Sans Soleil + La Jetée – Chris Marker, Metempsychosis – Splogman, Nathalie Sarraute, 12 Monkeys – Terry Gilliam, Time Spent – Deaf Center, Mighty Morphine – Before & After Part 3 (Original Mix) – Kid 606, Vroum – Marc Tremblay, Exposure Scales – Kassel Jaeger…

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