CoMute #8: Bicycle

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#8: Bicycle

Rec: Clément Baudet • Edit: Floriane Pochon
Archive: Jacques Brel

You have to kick your ass,
and go see.

Jacques Brel

April 2023, Marseilles, France

Since we keep balancing, riding side-saddle between 2 centuries or 2 disasters, we could, for a moment, for a moment only, still afford the time to take detours.
Getting up laughing in a stormy noise, like spitting suns, in the torn sounds of a chord of eons, until forgetting the dreams that haunt us.
As a dancer, rather than the 33 tram, rather than these subways filled with drowned people, of course time goes by too fast, but choosing the right to still dream in a world that slumbers through lack of imprudence. Forging a path and forcing destiny at every crossroads.

So here are some laughs, some lures and truths that are useless. Nonsense words that you will understand. It’s much less danceable but just as charming.
Who can tell us when it ends when it starts, it’s noon every quarter of an hour…

For its tenth season of podcasts, Phaune Radio transports you to the joy of a mutating reality where space-time could well expand.
Rarely one-way voice, sense of disorientation and just passing frequencies…
Don’t miss the connections!

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Headphones recommended • Binaural recordings



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