Petites Hantises Faites Maison

Rec & Edit: Floriane Pochon

None of the dead come back.

Les Forces de l'ordre invisible

None of the dead come back.
But some stay.

― St. John the Divine

Unless you are an expert in French history of occult sciences, there is very little chance that you have heard of Émile Tizané.
And yet … And yet, as early as the 1930s, this officer of the gendarmerie was one of the key players for paranormal research. For several decades, he unofficially tracked down in all four corners of France every form of poltergeists and other unexplained phenomena: boisterous ghosts, haunted houses, moving objects, hail of stones, spontaneous combustions … Everything has been sifted through a reason devoted to restore law and order.

With “Les Forces de l’Ordre Invisible” published in 2016, Philippe Baudouin has awakened the silent archives of Tizané to reveal its immensity. From this really fine book, Phaune Radio gives flesh to these unknown forces that totally fascinated our policeman. Upholding not the letter, but rather the spirit, of course…

Accomplices of everything that stirs in the shadows and persists to vibrate, even – and especially – with your eyes closed, we are now opening the doors of a house where past, present and future, living and dead, order and chaos graze over and over. Memories buried in the walls, obsessive drifts, subversive appearances and vertigo facing what we have lost but does not leave us, will you find your epicenter? Just a child’s play, so we heard…

Featuring: Emile Tizané (Archives), Christophe Rault, Floriane Pochon

*Baudouin, Philippe, Les Forces de l’Ordre Invisible, Emile Tizané (1901-1982), Un gendarme sur les territoires de la Hantise, Paris, Editions du Murmure, 2016.


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