Polyphaune #6 : Courtship display


Courtship display

By Floriane Pochon & Tony Regnauld

Dancing swains, stereo pair & mono-maniacs…

Flaws of Attraction

For one day, one night, or for ever, Phaune radio puts its finery and embeds in the great animal love parade.

Ferocious seduction games, flaws of attraction, conquest of special, ritual ballets and hand-to-hand flights for dancing swains, stereo pair and mono-maniacs…

A new polyphaunic episode : take it or lick it.

WITH REAL PIECES OF: Life, abc100, Francois Elle Roulin, Henri Morelle, Chantal Robette, Fortyone, Crystal Gale, E.Piaf, S.Gainsbourg, Jeanne Moreau, Helen Kane, J. Rabbit, You Are Not Stealing Records, The Peanuts, Graeme Revell, Calmos Calmos, The Phantom, Gherasim Luca, L. Richie, Buffet Froid, David Stout Quartet…

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