Polyphaune #5 : Humanimal



By Beau Bruit

Between “devenir-animal” & stay dumb

Laughing Feet

A special issue shaped as a ‘carte blanche’ to Beau Bruit, from the tribe of Phaune Radio’s spark ages.

Humanimal, to sound the ancestral mysteries of the animal inside you: mickeymousing, (anti)specism, totem animals and huge hugs for cheesing crowds… Between “devenir-animal” and stay dumb, this fifth Polyphaune is chew-sing the non-sensical genius. Guaranteed laughing feet.

BEAU BRUIT MIXES HIS OWN SOUNDS WITH, IN ORDRER OF APPEARANCE: Manimal, Francis Cabrel, Tribunal Animal, Marcel Broodthaers, Nana Vasconcelos, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Élisabeth de Fontenay, Philippe Zunino, Brigitte Bardot, Étienne Noiseau, The Beatle Barkers, Hugues Le Bars, Luc Ferrari & Le Banquet, Olivier Féraud, The Smiths, Jean Richepin, Étienne Noiseau, alphabets, Arôme Fraise, Tribunal Animal, Frank Alamo, Lauren Lesko, Kevin Richardson, Ears, Geordie Mackay, Nick Lowe, Henri Chopin, Carl Jung, Irvic D’Olivier, David Hykes, Ryan Lee, Gia Erichson, Clocker, Anne Anderssen.

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