Espaces Evasifs

Espaces Evasifs

Wild Listening, MNHN

Summer 2022, Jardin des Plantes, Paris

The Garden is this evasive space where we can escape all these kinds of things that invade us – a place where our clandestine hopes can be inspired by the powerful fragility of the living to grow. A flyway for some, a place of life for others, in any case, a space of possible crossings, where the relationship between humans and non-humans is understood as it is breathed: with strength or delicacy, in depth or with lightness, with the tip of the nose or with both hands.

Wild listening sessions for young shoots, wild grass and old branches, between soundscapes, exploration of knowledge, readings and picked words.

Throughout the episodes, you can hear excerpts from the archives from the collections of the Muséum Libraries, chosen by the Cultural Action team.

Thanks to all the personalities who gave us their time and to all the species encountered at the Jardin des Plantes.

With the complicity of the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle. Special thanks to Benoît Hické, Jeanne-Marie Manaranche, Zoé Neyreneuf.

Rec & Edit: Clément Baudet, Floriane Pochon
Episode #1:  Undergrounds & invisible (35’07)
With Marc-André Sélosse

What if we plunged our ears forward into the incredible universe of soils? How do plants and fungi manage to “get along”? How do the floors feel?
With Marc-André Sélosse, microbiologist, mycologist and botanist, at the MNHN.

Episode #2:  At the grass roots. (37’24)
With Françoise Serre-Collet

What if we weren’t afraid of what sneaks up on the ground? How not to kiss a toad? How does the night feel?
With Françoise Serre-Collet, herpetologist specializing in reptiles and amphibians. Scientific mediation officer at the MNHN.

Episode #3:  At men’s height (38’04)
With Aude Bourgeois

What if we weren’t the most observant? How to take care of what disappears? How do binturongs feel?
With Aude Bourgeois, veterinarian at the Menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes of the MNHN.

Episode #4:  Up to the treetops (35’54)
With Philippe Barré

What if we do nothing? How is life established? How do Goat Orchis and Fetid Iris feel?
With Philippe Barré, botanist gardener, at the Jardin des Plantes MNHN

Episode #5:  The Garden of Stars (37’33)
With Brigitte Zanda

What if we could see without our eyes thanks to the radio? How did meteorites seed the Earth? What goes under the radar?
With Brigitte Zanda, astrophysicist, specialist in meteorites at the MNHN

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