Radio RoadTrip #Inward


Radio RoadTrip

By Floriane Pochon

Frequency modulations

Unexpected Impressions

In no time at all, Phaune Radio scrambles the relative radars of perception. Under the moon, cross-over with what have been and what would never leave. Sometimes, memory wrinkles, waves and whispers unexpected impressions.

Frequency modulations roaming on Cevennes’ small roads, during the Radio Bivouac 2015 with Phaune Radio an Radio Escapades : a one-way ticket to space-time, and a point of no return that you can hear-in or take-out.

WITH REAL PIECES OF : Efforcez-vous d’y croire – Radiomentale & Pierre La Police, La Cité des Enfants Perdus – Caro & Jeunet, Au delà du réel, Time For You To Leave, William Blake… – Neil Young, Jurassic Park – Steven Spielberg, Machines à Fantômes – Philippe Baudouin, Old Dark Clock – Todd Dockstader, Dagobath – Floriane Pochon & Cédric Chéty, The Repetition Of History – Field Rotation, Nymphomaniac – Lars Von Trier, Gaston Bachelard, The Missing Voice – Janet Cardiff, Lost Highway ) David Lynch, Gilles Deleuze, Ekina Degull – Floriane Pochon & Tony Regnauld, All you are going to want to do is get back there – The Caretaker, Kakurenbo カクレンボ – Shūhei Morita, The Road – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Hubert Reeves, Nathalie Sarraute, Utopia Overture – Cristobal Tapia de Veer, L’Ecume des Jours – Michel Gondry, The Andromeda Strain – Robert Wise, Ocean – Justin Bennett…

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