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GAME OF PHAUNE #9 With Mélia Roger & Grégoire Chauvot

Rec & Edit: Grégoire Chauvot & Mélia Roger

Beyond the circle

Today, we take off with our ears in the footsteps of Mélia Roger and Grégoire Chauvot. With them, we follow the fragile and powerful sound traces of these multiple presences which populate a hourless landscape.
And if on an adventure you never know what you’re going to fall in with, you know you’re going to fall. Here: on a moment of grace and beauty.

Interweaving of lives, sung territories, taste of the air and thrill of the world, this is Game of Phaune #9, with Mélia Roger and Grégoire Chauvot.

With Game of Phaune, Phaune Radio keeps playing around with everything.
A game then, a game of cards and maps: hidden treasures for the eyes, but pearls for the ears, it’s up to you to see… It’s up to you to guess where the sounds take you!
Immersion, clues and decryption: an exploration at the very heart of the enigma of the living, guided by soundscapes lovers, to relate a place and find a bond.
In short, activate listening: take care and give joy.



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